Setting Goals

In this video, I’ll discuss the importance of setting high goals, as Grant Cardone would say set 10x goals. Everything takes more time and effort than what you estimate. If you set doable/achievable goals, you’ll put in the effort you think is needed to get you there. When things end up taking more time and effort than you estimated you’ll fall short of the “achievable” goal. If you set the goal 10 times harder and put in 10 times the effort, you’ll end up in a place where you can be proud of yourself. Maybe you don’t reach the 10X goal, but you end up much above the easier “achievable” goal. With this in mind, I’m announcing I’ll be uploading 30 videos in 30 days. I uploaded a video yesterday so this is video #2 of 30. Hopefully, I can keep going with the daily uploading even longer. I watched Casey Neistat’s video where he reaches 3 million subscribers and he said the best YouTube advice he was ever given was to “JUST KEEP UPLOADING”. This is what he attributes to the growth of his channel. Soon he’ll reach 10 million subscribers. Another example is Miles Beckler and his 90-day challenge where he uploaded not just 90 videos in 90 days but 120 videos in 120 days. He now has over 55,000 subscribers on his marketing channel. Watch my future videos and check in to see how my channel grows in the coming month(s).

Jeff Thelen