How to Improve Posture at Work

My poor posture affects how productive I am at work. I'm planning to put in a lot of effort in the coming weeks and months to improve my posture so I can feel better and be more productive while I'm at work. The first thing I need to do is raise my monitor so that it's at eye level. Once that's done I need to make sure I'm sitting correctly: ears above my shoulders, hips parallel to or higher than my knees and my ankles in front of my knees. It's important to take frequent breaks, get up and go for a quick walk or even stretch. Also, I'm going to do wall angels every day to strengthen my back and abs and stretch my chest. There are also a few other things I'd like to puchase and tryout: a) Lumo Lift, b) posture corrector and c) BetterBack. As I make progress and learn what helps me the most I'll post other videos to keep you updated on my progress.


Jeff Thelen