How to Be More Confident

In this video, I walk through my tips for becoming more confident. 1) Spend time with people who are a positive influence on your life. If you are always around negative people they will hold you back from reaching your potential. 2) Accept the things about yourself that you can’t change, these could be physical or mental. 3) Put your effort into things you’re not happy with that you CAN change about yourself. This could be how you dress, your weight, personal care, etc. 4) Focus on your strengths. It’s better to put most of your effort into what you are good at and try to minimize what you have to do in the areas you aren’t as strong. I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I am creative and analytical. I should focus on those areas and try to find someone to help keep me organized and on task. 5) Practice makes perfect. I want to become more comfortable in front of a camera so I’m doing 30 videos in 30 days to practice every day for a month. 6) Do something that scares you every day. If you’re always doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone when you’re facing a new challenge you’ll be more adaptable and flexible ready for anything life throws at you.

Jeff Thelen