Best Men's Dress Shoes (2019)

Although many men tend to consider their shoes as an afterthought when putting together an outfit, they shouldn’t be. Studies have shown that shoes are actually one of the first things a person notices about you upon meeting you, and that they are often likely to make a judgement about you based upon your shoes alone. If you’re meeting a girl for a date or have a job interview, you definitely shouldn’t wear a beat up pair of shoes and hope they don’t notice.

A pair of good quality shoes is essential to every man’s wardrobe. They have the ability to tie an entire outfit together or become a statement piece. They also can promote better foot health by providing much-needed support. However, finding the right pair of shoes can also be quite tricky. High-end fashion brands known for shoes such as Ferragamo tend to break the bank and in my opinion aren’t worth the money. Much less expensive brands wear down more quickly and end up needing to be replaced quickly. Shoe shopping is a delicate balance between quality and price. To help even the scales, I’ve compiled a list of direct to consumer brands that offer high-quality shoes at a fair price. I hope this help list helps you when shoe shopping and leads to you making your next great impression.

Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon prides itself on its handcrafted leather shoes that won’t hurt your wallet. They offer a unique system where you have the opportunity to view their upcoming collection and then preorder and customize your shoes. Your shoes are then made in Europe and shipped directly from the factory to you. This direct to consumer model allows Beckett Simonon to offer high-quality shoes at low prices. Each month they add new pieces to their collection so your options are constantly updates.

Jack Erwin

Jack Erwin is a brand that has experienced rapid growth and a surge in popularity these past few years--and for good reason. They offer a variety of stylish collections ranging from boots and sneakers to fancier dress shoes yet still manage to keep most of their styles under $200. This direct to consumer brand aims to keep their shoes accessible without sacrificing comfort or style.

Taft Clothing

Handmade in Europe with no retail markup, Taft Clothing offers sophisticated style that won’t break the bank. With free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges in the US, there is no reason not to try them out.

Thursday Boots

Although they are best known for their robust boot collection, Thursday Boots also offers an impressive collection of men’s dress shoes as well. Their collections are versatile, durable, and popular; their collections often times quickly sellout due to their unique styles and affordable pricing so don’t miss out!

Allen Edmonds

Established in 1922, Allen Edmonds has almost a century of experience in crafting Italian styled shoes in America. This brand offers a high-quality collection of shoes you can feel good shopping with. Although they a slightly larger investment than the other options on the list, Allen Edmonds is often running discount sales and offering free shipping. They also over a “recrafting” service where you can send in your worn down shoes to one of their expert craftsmen, and they will work to bring them back to life so that your shoes can last a lifetime.

Greats (Bonus Sneakers)

Every man can always use a good pair of sneakers. Greats is a company born in Brooklyn that brings high-quality and versatile sneaker collections for affordable pricing. These sneakers will take you where you need to go and ensure you look stylish while getting there.

Jeff Thelen