About Mr. Thelen


My name is Jeff, creator of the Mr. Thelen – welcome to my site. After several years of diverse experience in business, I decided to start this channel to share some insights I’ve learned along the way. 

First, some background on me: I studied finance and worked in investment banking before getting my MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Along with a few years living in New York, I also spent time learning Spanish, living and working in Latin America. Currently, I live in Mexico City, running a digital marketing company that I started with my friend Laura Figueroa. 

Working in finance and startups meant long hours and lots of work– and it didn’t always equal success. Even after many years of experience, I think I’m still learning some of the finer points of being an adult, and creating a work-life balance. On my channel, I talk about work-related issues like productivity and goal-setting, as well as the other important things in life, like being healthy, building relationships, dressing well, and having some fun too. 

I hope you find the channel helpful, and as always, write to me in the comments, and let me know what topics you’d like me to hear more about. 

- Mr. Thelen